31 Oct 2007

Episode 9 - Random Shoes

Caution: The following paragraphs contain **SPOILERS**

Episode 1.9 - Random Shoes
Written by Jacquetta May and directed by James Erskine

Eugene, a hit and run victim, was obsessed with aliens while alive. He then realises only one person can solve the mystery of his death: Gwen Cooper. Before his death, Eugene swallowed an eye, which had been slowly turning his ghost form back into solid form. He follows Gwen as she tries to solve the mystery of his death. Just after he rescues Gwen out of the way from a moving car, his now solid body glows, zooms into space and disappears.

Torchwood Season 2 Filming

Freema Agyeman, who plays Martha Jones in the Whoniverse, has now finished her filming for Torchwood Season 2, as well as a glamour shoot with Marie Claire Magazine. Freema will be guest staring in 3 episodes from the second series (6-8).

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30 Oct 2007

Torchwood DVD on HD-DVD and BluRay

It has now been confirmed that the first season of Torchwood will be heading to High Definition DVD and Blu Ray Disks, sometime in early 2008. If you don't want to wait that long, or simply want the old technology, you can pre-order the standard Torchwood DVD Boxset off Amazon UK. The RRP is £54.99, but Amazon UK are selling it for a neat £41.24, which equals to about 14% off!

Click here to order it!

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Episode 8 - They Keep Killing Suzie

Caution: The following paragraphs contain **SPOILERS**

Episode 1.8 - They Keep Killing Suzie
Written by Paul Tomalin and directed by James Strong

Torchwood is sent to investigate a serial killer who is writing their name in blood over the bodies of their victims, but there is even more to this than meets the eye. The serial killer has got Retcon in his blood; hence, the killer must be someone Torchwood have Retconed. Suzie is resurrected, as she had been planning, and Gwen almost dies before the resurrection gauntlet, which had been keeping Suzie alive and was killing Gwen. Eventually, the glove is destroyed. But as Ianto pointed out to Jack, gloves come in pairs...

Captain's Blog and Trivia Quiz Updated

Seeing as Episode 8: They Keep Killing Suzie recently aired in the states (27th October), the Captain's Blog as well as the Trivia Quiz for the episode has been updated on the Torchwood BBC America Site.

Click here to go to the blog!
Click here to go to the quiz!

29 Oct 2007

Jack Wins Totally Torchwood Poll #1

Alas, as the end of another month approaches, the poll for this month is closed. Not surprisingly, Jack took it out with 58% voting him in as their favourite; Gwen came in second with 20%; Ianto polled third with 12% and both Owen and Toshiko drew for fourth, both coming in with 4%. New poll coming at the start of the month - leave you ideas for polls in the comments section!

Episode 7 - Greeks Bearing Gifts

Caution: The following paragraphs contain **SPOILERS**

Episode 1.7 - Greeks Bearing Gifts
Written by Toby Whithouse and directed by Colin Teague

Toshiko meets a mysterious woman named Mary at the bar and when she is faced with sudden telepathic abilities, Toshiko finds a mixed blessing when the dark secrets of others are revealed to her. A murderous telepathic alien who will stop at no cost, wants to return home. Will it succeed?

28 Oct 2007

Episode 6 - Countrycide

Caution: The following paragraphs contain **SPOILERS**

Episode 1.6 - Countrycide
Written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Andy Goddard

Torchwood are sent to the countryside to investigate a set of strange disappearances. The team become separated, and at the mercy of gruesome hunters, playing a game of cat and mouse. Will Captain Jack save the day?

Totally Torchwood Avatar and Button

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I have now made a Totally Torchwood Avatar and Button. You can use them anywhere and anytime you want. Simply right-click and select, "Save Image As". Also, seeing as the new month is approaching, I took the liberty of making a Desktop Calendar and Wallpaper; then you'll be able to have Torchwood staring back at you on your computer screen. So stay tuned for that too!

27 Oct 2007

Episode 5 - Small Worlds

Caution: The following paragraphs contain **SPOILERS**

Episode 1.5 - Small Worlds
Written by Peter J Hammond and directed by Alice Troughton

Jasmine, a withdrawn but intelligent child, has her restrained anger taken advantage of. While the Torchwood team work hard to solve the mystery of the weird weather patterns, Jack must encounter his hazy past to defeat those responsible: fairies at the bottom of Jasmine's garden.

Captain's Blog Updated on Torchwood BBC America

The Captain's Blog has been updated on the Torchwood BBC America Site. The new entries include entries 5, 6 and 7, which relate to the episodes. To read the entries, click:

Here for entry 5!
Here for entry 6!
Here for entry 7!

26 Oct 2007

Episode 4 - Cyberwoman

Caution: The following paragraphs contain **SPOILERS**

Episode 1.4 - Cyberwoman
Written by Chris Chibnall and directed by James Strong

Ianto Jones has a dark secret, tied to the basement of the underground Hub — a secret he will protect at any cost. When his secret is revealed to the team, they are faced with redemption, regret and temptation. The tables turn and Ianto puts his heart on the line to try save his cyber-girlfriend. Will he succeed?

Possible Episode Cutdown in Torchwood Season 3

Today's Daily Star reveals that the BBC are tossing up the idea of cutting the number of episodes in every new series of shows - including Torchwood - down from 13 episodes a year to a possible 6-8 episodes a year. According to various sources, the BBC do plan to cut down the number of episodes for the third series of Torchwood - down to just 8.

Stay tuned for more news on this topic, and remember, the BBC hasn't confirmed this yet, so don't treat this as 100% accurate.

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25 Oct 2007

Episode 3 - Ghost Machine

Caution: The following paragraphs contain **SPOILERS**

Episode 1.3 - Ghost Machine
Written by Helen Raynor and directed by Colin Teague

The Torchwood team come across a device that can tap into the hidden energy left behind by strong emotions, creating ghostly recreations of the events that left them there. When Owen accidentally uses the device at the scene of an unsolved murder, he becomes obsessed with bringing the killer to justice. Sean "Bernie" Harris also sees the himself in the future - dead. As Owen works fast to catch the killer, the two stories merge into one - with deadly results.

John Appearing on BBC Children in Need Special

It has been confirmed that John Barrowman, along with other stars, will be performing on the BBC1's Children in Need Appeal, which is to air on November 16th, at 7pm. But it doesn't stop there - Aussie actor and singer Kylie Minogue, who guest stars in the Doctor Who episode Voyage of the Damned, will be there, and a special episode of Doctor Who will also screen.

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24 Oct 2007

Episode 2: Day One

Caution: The following paragraphs contain **SPOILERS**

Episode 1.2 - Day One
Written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Brian Kelly

Gwen's first day at Torchwood sees Cardiff's nightlife at the mercy of an alien, who consumes its victims during orgasm, leaving behind dust. Due to an accidental blunder by Gwen, the alien is set loose into Cardiff, and then takes over the life of Carys. Torchwood then tracks the alien to a sperm bank, but too late for the patrons within. Gwen tricks it into leaving its host (Carys) and captures it within a portable cell, where it is stuck, and in turn dies, leaving but a pile of dust behind. Gwen kisses Jack as a thank-you, which leaves Jack very shocked.

23 Oct 2007

Torchwood Calendar Picture Online

The Cover for the 2008 Calendar

A picture of the cover for the highly anticipated Torchwood Calendar has now surfaced online! The Calendar is set for release on November 1, 2007, and is available for pre-order via Amazon UK. Click here to order it! For more information, click here!

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Episode 1: Everything Changes

Caution: The following paragraphs contain **SPOILERS**

Episode 1.1 - Everything Changes
Written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Brian Kelly

Everything Changes is the first episode of Season 1 of Torchwood. The episode starts off when Police Constable Gwen Cooper is at a murder scene, and she comes across the mysterious organization known as "Torchwood". While Gwen does her best to investigate their world, she finds technology and methods she never imagined. She is introduced to the team, but is then later Retconed (for those who are non-Torchwood savvy, this means that her memory was wiped). However, following a trail of clues left behind by herself, she comes across Suzie Costello, who betrays her Torchwood colleagues and shoots Jack in the head. Jack miraculously comes back to life, and Suzie then turns the gun on herself. Gwen then accepts Jack's offer at the now vacant spot at Torchwood.

Torchwood 1 Year Ago Today

Wow! What a year it has been. It was exactly one year ago today that Torchwood premiered on BBC TV. Over the next 13 days, we'll be looking back at all 13 episodes from the previous series! So stay tuned over the next 2 weeks or so to catch up on the past series!

22 Oct 2007

John Barrowman to host TV Show

John Barrowman, who plays the leading man of Torchwood, will be hosting the BBC1 show The Kids are Right. The eight shows will be filmed during the day, at the BBC Glasgow studios, from Monday 26th - Friday 30th November 2007. And guess what? Tickets are available to see the show being recorded. Simply send an email to tickets@johnbarrowman.net, and make sure to include:

Dates you're interested in
Number of tickets you'd like (and the names of the people they're for.)
Your name
Email address
Postal address
Phone Number

And if you're thinking of going in a group, please don't all apply for the same number of tickets; instead make one application and they'll do their best.

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First Post for Totally Torchwood

Yay! The first official post for Totally Torchwood. For those who are reading this now, you are one of the few to have been here when it all began.
Torchwood is a sci-fi spin-off on the well acclaimed BBC Television Show, Doctor Who. Season 1 debuted exactly 1 year ago from today, and Season 2 is just around the corner, with the show hitting British Television early 2008! Stay tuned for more news!

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