30 Jul 2008

Comic Con Review

Elizabeth has very kindly let us post her review from the San Diego Comic Con. You can read it below.

Today, while I was at the table, Gavin told me I should email you all about my experiences and I said I would. Arrived on Wednesday with my son and daughter and picked up our badges and went through the preview night to acquaint ourselves with the layout. I decided to buy my autograph tickets for John then so would have everything ready for the next morning. Now this is my first time at CC and would never think of dressing up especially at my age 46 but something happened days before CC that changed that attitude. I was with some friends who like to visit antique and thrift shops and even though I am not much of a shopper, I did find something interesting. A thrift shop had a display with some military style coats which I briefly glanced at and hidden in the back was a blue wool great coat. I had to have it and it was a bargain at $25. I now had three days to turn it into a Captain Jack coat. My niece who is a studio costumer put on the stripes and I changed the buttons and it turned out fantastic. So here I was going to Comic Con as Captain Jack.
First thing on Thursday I decided to go to the merchandising table where John was signing to get my picture and book signed. This was still early in the process so they were following the rules carefully like no personalization and no posed pictures with John. So it was very quick and no nervousness on my part. I think I freaked him out a little with the coat. Another reason I wore the coat was to get the attention of other group members. I only met up with one other member - Valerie. It was very nice to meet you and spend a little time with you, Valerie.
Anyway, I went to the Doctor Who panel with Julie Gardner and Steven Moffat who were fantastic. It was in a big ballroom and the place was packed. Right after was the Torchwood panel with Julie, John, Gareth and Noako. John made a terrific entrance (which you can see on YouTube) and introduced his mum and dad, Carole, Clare and Scott who were in the audience. It was a very entertaining hour which went by to fast. I spent the rest of the day going here and there to different panels. Occasionally going back to John's merchandising table trying not to look like a stalker in the coat but really seeing if I could find other online members.
On Friday (without coat) I decided to get my CD signed so went to the table to buy a ticket and was happy it wasn't crowded but also sad he wasn't drawing a big crowd. I was wearing two buttons - one stating I was a Johnette and one of John from the Paul O'Grady show (thanks Angela for screencaps). Gavin spotted them and asked where the picture was from and I told him and John looked and confirmed it was indeed from PO show and then he read other button and I told him I was part of this group and that was when Gavin said I should write about Comic Con. I must say it is very easy to chat with John because you feel like you know him so well, it is like talking to an old friend. He makes you feel comfortable. I was very happy that they were allowing photos with no flash so I did get a picture with him. I will put pictures on later when I get home. I had to run to the Spaced panel with Simon Pegg so couldn't stay very long with him but I did go back later in the day and thanked him for coming to Comic Con. I was in such a hurry that I didn't see my CD he signed until later and was excited to see that he must have read my name off my badge because it said Elizabeth Love You J Barrowman.
It was a terrific two days and I am finally coming down from all the excitement. Thanks for hearing my story.
Thanks very much to Elizabeth from BARROWMANONLINE!

Doctor Who Nominated for Nick Awards

Doctor Who has been nominated for a total of four awards in the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2008! Catherine Tate has also been nominated for her lead role in The Catherine Tate Show. The nominations are:

  • Favourite Family TV Show - Doctor Who
  • Favourite Baddie - The Daleks
  • Favourite Male TV Star - David Tennant
  • Favourite Female TV Star - Catherine Tate and Freema Agyeman
  • Favourite Funny Person - Catherine Tate
The voting lines close on September 3, so get your votes in here!

29 Jul 2008

"The Sontaran Games" Cover and Synopsis

The cover and synopsis for the upcoming Doctor Who Quick Read Novel has been released. The Sontaran Games is written by Jacqueline Rayner. You can read the synopsis and view the cover below.

Every time the lights go out, someone dies...

The TARDIS lands at an academy for top athletes, all hoping to be chosen for the forthcoming Globe Games. But is one of them driven enough to resort to murder? The Doctor discovers that the students have been hushing up unexplained deaths.

Teaming up with a young swimmer called Emma, the Doctor begins to investigate – but he doesn’t expect to find a squad of Sontarans invading the academy!

As the Sontarans begin their own lethal version of the Globe Games, the Doctor and Emma must find out what’s really going on. But the Doctor is captured and forced to take part in the Sontaran Games. Can even a Time Lord survive this deadly contest?
The Sontaran Games will be released September 26 at a price of £1.99.

Videos from San Diego Comic Con

After a bit of browsing on YouTube, I have managed to find you all some videos from the San Diego Comic Con. The first video is of John Barrowman (Captain Jack) and Naoko Mori (Tosh) singing Miss Saigon. You can view this below.

Next you can see the whole Torchwood panel in six parts. These are all below (in chronological order). Please note that these don't contain spoilers as such, but a few little things are mentioned.

27 Jul 2008

Doctor Who Prom Today

Living in Australia, and not the United Kingdom, I am going to be honest and say that I'm a bit hazy in the area of the Doctor Who Prom. So, I'm going to leave it up to the experts. Below is a summary of the Doctor Who Prom from Doctor Who Hideout!

The first Doctor Who themed Prom will begin in a few hours at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The Prom is presented by Doctor Who and Torchwood Actress, Freema Agyeman, and will run for approximately two hours, starting at Eleven o’clock in the Morning on BBC Radio Three.
  • Murray Gold Concert Prologue (3 mins)
  • Copland Fanfare for the Common Man (3 mins)
  • Murray Gold All The Strange Strange Creatures (4 mins)
  • Mark-Anthony Turnage The Torino Scale (UK premiere) (4 mins)
  • Holst The Planets - Jupiter (8 mins)
  • Murray Gold The Doctor Forever (4.30 mins)
  • Murray Gold Rose (1.30 mins)
  • Murray Gold Martha v The Master (4.30 mins)
  • Murray Gold Music of the Spheres (including theme original) (7.30 mins)
  • Wagner Die Walkure - The Ride of the Valkyries (5 mins)
  • Murray Gold The Daleks & Davros (8 mins)
  • Murray Gold Donna, Girl in Fireplace, Astrid (4 mins)
  • Prokofiev 'Montagues and Capulets' from Romeo and Juliet (5 mins)
  • Murray Gold This is Gallifrey (3.30 mins)
  • Murray Gold Doctor's Theme / Song for Freedom (5.30 mins)
  • Murray Gold Doomsday (5 mins)
  • Murray Gold Song for Ten (4 mins)
  • Murray Gold Doctor Who Theme (1.30 mins)

It will be made available on BBC iPlayer until the Third of August. A special scene for the Proms written by Russell T Davies will premiere and made available on the Official Website for a few days after. The Scene, Music of Spheres, will star David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor and Jimmy Vee as the returning Graske.

Many thanks Axlart!

Torchwood Soundtrack Cover, Track List and Trailer

We previously reported that the Torchwood Soundtrack will be released on September 22 this year. Now, Silva Screens have released a trailer for the new Torchwood soundtrack via their YouTube channel! The trailer features a 28 second snap of incidental music from the series, along with front and back covers and the track list. You can view all of this below.

1. Everything Changes
2. The Chase
3. Ghosts
4. Sleepers Awake
5. Toshiko & Tommy
6. Into the Hub
7. The Mission
8. Gray's Theme
9. Jack's Love Theme
10. Another Day, Another Death
11. Look Right Then Leave
12. Welcome to Planet Earth
13. The Plot
14. Out of Time
15. The Death of Owen Harper
16. King of the Weevils
17. Owen Fights Death
18. The Woman on the Roof
19. Owen's Theme
20. Pearl & the Ghostmaker
21. Flat Holm Island
22. A Boy Called Jonah
23. Toshiko Sato - Betrayal and Redemption
24. Gwen & Rhys
25. Jack joins Torchwood
26. Captain Jack's Theme
27. I Believe in Him
28. Memories of Gray
29. Goodbyes
30. Death of Toshiko
31. The End Is Where We Start From
32. Torchwood Theme

The Torchwood Soundtrack will be released September 22 at a price of £11.99. You can pre-order your copy at Amazon UK here or at Silva Screen's Official Website here!

Thanks to Tardis and Torchwood Treasures for the track list!

26 Jul 2008

Doctor Who Magazine #398

Doctor Who Magazine #398 is now available to purchase throughout the UK. As we earlier reported, there are four covers to choose from. You can view the covers and press release for this issue below.

Everybody's Talkin' ... In Doctor Who Magazine 398!

Davros himself, actor Julian Bleach, talks exclusively about taking on the role of the Daleks’ creator in the latest Doctor Who Magazine...

Is the fact that other actors have played the part in the past a help or a hindrance? “That can make it harder to approach it afresh,” considers Julian, “but it’s more of a problem if you’re trying to find a new interpretation of the character. What I was trying to do with Davros was to recreate – and match as closely as possible – a previously established character.” So what’s Julian’s take on Davros? Twisted megalomaniac? Mad scientist? Misguided genius? “All of those things, but I’d say the character was very probably originally inspired by Hitler, and I found that to be quite a useful reference point, particularly in some of his more dogmatic speeches!”

It’s not just Davros who’s quizzed this issue – DWM has been keeping up with the Joneses (Martha, Francine, Harriet and Ianto), the Smiths (Mickey, Sarah Jane, Luke and Mr Smith, and even the Doctor at one point) and a host of Tylers and Nobles, as well as the odd Mott, Cooper and Harkness. This, then, is one of DWM’s most ambitious projects ever: in issue 398, DWM talks to the entire regular and returning cast of The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End! Find out which former companion had to have an injection to stop her vomiting. Discover whose bottom to hold onto in a crisis, and whose gave Catherine Tate a shock. Learn which actress is happy to “mug away in the background.” And establish who would win in a Dalek Crucible-based wind-breaking competition!

DWM 398 features exclusive interviews with: David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Freema Agyeman, Billie Piper, John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd, Eve Myles, Penelope Wilton, Jacqueline King, Bernard Cribbins, Noel Clarke, Camille Coduri, Adjoa Andoh, Elisabeth Sladen, Thomas Knight, John Leeson, Alexander Armstrong, Nicholas Briggs, Julian Bleach, David Tennant (again!) & Richard Dawkins.

• The Doctor and Donna’s battle with the Sycorax reaches its explosive climax in the final part of the latest full colour comic strip The Widow’s Curse.
• Showrunner Russell T Davies reveals exclusively what won’t be in Series Five.
• The chance to vote for your favourites in DWM’s annual Season Survey
• The latest news on the forthcoming Doctor Who Specials and Series Two of The Sarah Jane Adventures.
And... all the latest news, exclusive photos, reviews, previews, competitions… and a choice of four fantastic covers to collect!
Doctor Who Magazine is out now, priced £3.99.

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2008 Trailer #2

A new trailer that aired at the San Diego Comic Con for the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2008 is now available! You can view it below!

Official Torchwood Soundtrack on Amazon

We previously reported that a Torchwood Soundtrack had been commissioned for release later this year. Amazon UK now have the soundtrack available to pre-order for £11.99 (plus postage). Click here to secure your copy now!

25 Jul 2008

BBC America Confirms Torchwood Season 3

BBC America have announced in a press release that they have acquired the rights to air Torchwood Season 3! You can read the press release below!

CAPTAIN JACK IS BACK! BBC AMERICA acquires all-new season of sci-fi phenomenon Torchwood

Comic-Con, San Diego - BBC AMERICA today announced the acquisition of the highly anticipated season three of its hit sci-fi series, Torchwood. The highest rating show in the history of BBC AMERICA will return to the channel with five all-new episodes in 2009.

Torchwood (S3 5 x 60) is a BBC production distributed by BBC Worldwide.

The award-winning show, which received huge critical acclaim for season one and two, will premiere on BBC AMERICA shortly after the UK premiere.

Richard De Croce, Senior Vice President, Programming, BBC Worldwide America said, "Captain Jack is coming back to BBC America and we can't wait! Torchwood really represents the essence of the channel - it's sexy, action packed and a little bit subversive. Clearly our viewers love it as much as we do."

Created by Russell T Davies, lead writer and executive producer on the current Doctor Who, the dark, wild and sexy sci-fi drama follows the adventures of a team of investigators who use scavenged alien technology to solve present day crime both human and alien. Led by the enigmatic Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), the Torchwood team are separate from the government, outside the police and beyond the United Nations. Torchwood sets its own rules, delving into the unknown and fighting the impossible.

BBC AMERICA brings audiences a new generation of award-winning television featuring razor-sharp comedies, provocative dramas, life-changing makeovers and news with a uniquely global perspective. BBC AMERICA pushes the boundaries to deliver high quality, highly addictive and eminently watchable programming to viewers who demand more. BBC AMERICA is distributed by Discovery Networks. It is available on digital cable and satellite TV.

Thanks to TallulahBelle for the link!

Doctor Who 2009 Novels - Covers

We previously reported that the synopses had been released for the next set of Doctor Who books, to be released around April 16 next year. The covers are now available for you to view! You can check them out below!

24 Jul 2008

Official Doctor Who Annual 2009

Penguin Group Books have released the cover and some information regarding the Official Doctor Who Annual 2009. Set to be released on August 7, the book has 96 pages and a RRP of £6.99. You can view the cover and the information released below.

Sonic screwdrivers at the ready! This year’s official annual is a stellar 96 pages, packed with comic strips, stories, activities, fun features, posters and even a section on The Sarah Jane Adventures. Filled with monsters and adventures from the series, this will keep any budding Doctor busy.

San Diego Comic Convention Today

The San Diego Comic Convention is taking place right now! There are Torchwood and Doctor Who "booths" and many of both crew and cast from both shows are attending. Today John Barrowman (Captain Jack); Naoko Mori (Toshiko Sato); Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones); Steven Moffat (Head Writer/Executive Producer) and Julie Gardener (Executive Producer) will be attending. On Friday Simon Pegg (the Editor - The Long Game) and Jessica Pynes (Joan Redfern - Human Nature/The Family of Blood) will be attending.

If you would like to submit your photos/videos/reviews to Totally Torchwood, please feel free to email me at crmhpfan@yahoo.com.au. All credit will be given to the author.

Click here for the Comic-Con Official Site!

23 Jul 2008

David Tennant offered £1.5 million

According to CBBC Newsround, David Tennant has apparently been offered £1.5 million to continue his role as the Doctor in the fifth series. David has only signed on for the next four specials, and there is a lot of speculation at the moment as to whether he will continue as the Doctor. For now, the money figures are just rumours, and may not be entirely accurate, so treat it like it is...a rumour. Click here to read the full article!

Thanks to Lilysowl for the link!

David Tennant Nominated for Greenest Star

David Tennant (the Doctor) has been nominated for Disney's Greenest Star award for championing hybrid cars! Other nominees included on the short list are Lily Allen, Lily Cole, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna, Stella McCartney, Sienna Miller. Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow have been nominated for a joint award. You can vote here, but please note that voting lines close July 31.

Thanks to Harry Potter's Page!

22 Jul 2008

Doctor Who 2009 Novels

Information for the next Doctor Who Books, set to be released April 16 next year (2009) is now available. The books feature three returning villains/monsters, and are named accordingly - Judgement of the Judoon; Prisoner of the Daleks and The Slitheen Excursion. You can read the synopsis for each of the books below:

Judgement of the Judoon
by Colin Brake

Elvis the King Spaceport has grown into the sprawling city-state of New Memphis - an urban jungle, where organized crime is rife. But the launch of the new Terminal 13 hasn't been as smooth as expected. And things are about to get worse... When the Doctor arrives, he finds the whole terminal locked down. The notorious Invisible Assassin is at work again, and the Judoon troopers sent to catch him will stop at nothing to complete their mission. With the assassin loose on the mean streets of New Memphis, the Doctor is forced into a strange alliance. Together with teenage private eye Nikki and a ruthless Judoon Commander, the Doctor soon discovers that things are even more complicated - and dangerous - than he first thought... Featuring the Doctor as played by David Tennant in the hit BBC Television series.

Prisoner of the Daleks
by Trevor Baxendale

The Daleks are advancing, their empire constantly expanding in to Earth's space. The Earth forces are resisting the Daleks in every way they can. But the battles rage on across countless solar systems. And now the future of our galaxy hangs in the balance... The Doctor finds himself stranded on board a starship near the frontline with a group of ruthless bounty hunters. Earth Command will pay them for every Dalek they kill, every eye stalk they bring back as proof. With the Doctor's help, the bounty hunters achieve the ultimate prize: a Dalek prisoner - intact, powerless, and ready for interrogation. But where the Daleks are involved, nothing is what it seems, and no one is safe. Before long the tables will be turned, and how will the Doctor survive when he becomes a prisoner of the Daleks? Featuring the Doctor as played by David Tennant in the hit BBC Television series.

The Slitheen Excursion
by Simon Guerrier

1500BC - King Actaeus and his subjects live in mortal fear of the awesome gods who have come to visit their kingdom in ancient Greece. Except the Doctor, visiting with university student June, knows they're not gods at all. They're aliens. For the aliens, it's the perfect holiday - they get to tour the sights of a primitive planet and even take part in local customs. Like gladiatorial games, or hunting down and killing humans who won't be missed. With June's enthusiastic help, the Doctor soon meets the travel agents behind this deadly package holiday company - his old enemies the Slitheen. But can he bring the Slitheen excursion to an end without endangering more lives? And how are events in ancient Greece linked to a modern-day alien plot to destroy what's left of the Parthenon? Featuring the Doctor as played by David Tennant in the hit BBC Television series.

Steven Moffact turns down £500,000

According to the Daily Mail, BAFTA and Hugo Award winner Steven Moffat (taking over as Executive Producer of Doctor Who in 201o0) apparently turned down £500,000 to continue writing for Doctor Who. Steven had originally signed a £150million contract to write the first two scripts of the Tin Tin trilogy, but had to adjourn the second script due to the United States writer's strike. Steven would have had the opportunity to work with Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Here's what Steven (Moffat) had to say on the matter:

"I know a lot of people won't understand it, but I've been dreaming about writing for Doctor Who since I was seven. There are no bad feelings between Spielberg and me, but Doctor Who has to come before Hollywood."
You can read the full article here!

20 Jul 2008

John Barrowman on GMTV

Thanks to George from BARROWMANONLINE, we have this message from John's manager, Gavin:

"John Barrowman is going to be on GMTV this Wednesday (23rd July) - a live link from LA - to discuss 'The Making of Me'. It'll be his only TV
interview for the show - and they're the only show who regularly do live links to LA. It's due to air at 7.40am and then again at 9.10am."

"The Stolen Earth" Character Gift Set

Thanks to Character Options and The Doctor Who Site, there is now some information and three images from The Stolen Earth Gift Set. Included in the set are the Doctor, Davros, the Supreme Dalek, and a normal Dalek. You can view the images below.

The set is expected to be released in August. Click here to read the full article from The Doctor Who Site!

Doctor Who Magazine #398 Cover 1

The first cover in the set of four for Doctor Who Magazine #398 has now been released. This cover features the Doctor and Donna. There are four covers to collect in total, and they are all part of the Special Souvenir Edition of the magazine. You can view the cover below.

Click here to view the fourth cover!
Click here to view the third cover!
Click here to view the second cover!
Doctor Who Magazine #398 goes on sale July 24 priced £3.99.

19 Jul 2008

Doctor Who Magazine #398 Cover 2

The second cover for Doctor Who Magazine #398 has now been released. It features Sarah-Jane and Luke Smith. There are four covers to collect in total, and they are all part of the Special Souvenir Edition of the magazine. You can view the cover below.

Click here to view the fourth cover!
Click here to view the third cover!
Doctor Who Magazine #398 goes on sale July 24 priced £3.99.

18 Jul 2008

Doctor Who Magazine #398 Cover 3

Released now is an image of the third cover for Doctor Who Magazine #398. This cover features Jack, Gwen, Ianto and Martha. There are four covers to collect in total, and they are all part of the Special Souvenir Edition of the magazine. You can view the cover below.

Click here to view the fourth cover!
Doctor Who Magazine #398 goes on sale July 24 priced £3.99.

17 Jul 2008

Season 4 Volume 4 Cover

The DVD cover for Doctor Who Season 4, Volume 4, has been released by the BBC. This volume contains the final three episodes of the series - Turn Left, The Stolen Earth and Journey's End. You can view the cover below:

Doctor Who Season 4, Volume 4 will be available September 1.

"Journey's End" Final Figures: 10.57 Million

The final viewing figures for the final episode of Doctor Who Season 4 - Journey's End - have been released by BARB. As predicted by the BBC, 10.57million viewers tuned in to watch the finale, smashing the overnight figures of 9.4million, and officially making it the most watched program of the week, the first in the history of Doctor Who. The repeat of Journey's End last Sunday on BBC3 drew in an audience of 2.6million.

Doctor Who Magazine #398 Cover 4

Editor of Doctor Who Magazine, Tom Spilsbury, has released an image of the fourth cover for Doctor Who Magazine #398. There are four covers to collect in total, and they are all part of the Special Souvenir Edition of the magazine. You can view the cover below.

Doctor Who Magazine #398 goes on sale July 24 priced £3.99.

Catherine Tate in Under the Blue Sky

Last night was the opening night for Under the Blue Sky, which stars Catherine Tate (Donna Noble). But unfortunately the show had to be canceled due to Catherine injuring her ankle during a dress rehearsal. Under the Blue Sky is an award-winning West End Production by David Eldridge. Hopefully Catherine will be well enough to continue and we wish her all the best. Click here for the Official Under the Blue Sky website. Please note, however, the show may not be suitable for under 18's.

16 Jul 2008

An Absence of News

It seems that after the finale of Doctor Who Season 4, there seems to be hardly any news at all. But I went hunting to find you the not so mainstream news which you can check out below:

  • Not specifically Torchwood or Doctor Who, but the trailer for Season 2 of the Sarah Jane Adventures.

  • A very funny clip in which Doctor Who meets Top Gear .

  • A bit obscure, perhaps, but John Barrowman (Captain Jack) is listed as an answer in a multiple choice selection for the BBC's Quiz of the Week's News. You can have a go at the quiz here!
  • The repeat of The Stolen Earth and Journey's End together drew in an audience of 4.2million - 1.6 for The Stolen Earth and 2.6 for Journey's End.
That's it for now!

13 Jul 2008

Doctor Who Specials Update

Executive Producer for Doctor Who - Julie Gardener - has given us some insight into the four Doctor Who Specials to air in 2009. She believes the two-year gap and fans having to wait until 2010 for another full series a, "marvellous thing." You can read what she had to say below:

"Our main motivation for giving Doctor Who a break is that we want the audience to remember how much they love it," she said. "Come 2010, we want people to be cheering its return. We are making four one-hour specials. The first, which we’ve already filmed, will go out this Christmas. The next will go out the following Easter. The other specials have yet to be scheduled, although one will definitely be on at Christmas 2009."
There are also rumours that one of the specials will be set in Egypt, and that one will air on Halloween.

11 Jul 2008

Doctor Who Story Book 2009

Panini Books have released the cover and details for the next Doctor Who Story Book, set to be released later this August. You can view the cover and details for the book below.

The Doctor and Donna travel to previously unseen times and places in this new collection of adventures, full of monsters, thrills and scares, and all illustrated in full colour. The time travellers face mythical beasts on a desert island in the company of Jason and his Argonauts, square up to a terrifying Ice Warrior in the wastes of the Arctic Circle, battle the cute-but-deadly denizens of a theme park gone mad, get tangled up in the mystery of the Bayeux Tapestry, and try to prevent an entire planet from being kidnapped.

The book contains seven brand new short stories, featuring writers from the TV series itself.

  • Hello Children, Everywhere, written by Paul Magrs, illustrated by Brian Williamson.
  • Grand Theft Planet! written by James Moran (The Fires of Pompeii), illustrated by Daryl Joyce.
  • Cold written by Mark Gatiss (The Unquiet Dead, The Idiot's Lantern), illustrated by Ben Willsher.
  • Bing Bong written by Gareth Roberts (The Shakespeare Code, The Unicorn and the Wasp) & Clayton Hickman, illustrated by Dan McDaid.
  • Island of the Sirens written by Keith Temple (Planet of the Ood), illustrated by Adrian Salmon.
  • The Puplet written by Gary Russell, illustrated by Andy Walker.
  • Hold Your Horses written by Nicholas Pegg, illustrated by Jon Haward & Nigel Dobbyn.

Plus there's a comic strip, The Immortal Emperor written by Jonathan Morris with art by Rob Davis, and A Letter from the Doctor as told to new showrunner Steven Moffat (The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, The Girl in the Fireplace, Blink, Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead). The 80-page hardback also features a new painted cover by Alister Pearson and a frontispiece by David A Roach. It's published by Panini Books and edited by Clayton Hickman.
The Doctor Who Story Book 2009 is set to be released August 1, 2008, at an RRP of £7.99.

"The Stolen Earth" Final Figures

The final viewing figures for the penultimate episode of Doctor Who Season 4 - The Stolen Earth - have been released. 8.78 million people tuned in on Saturday to watch The Stolen Earth, making it the second highest rated show in the week. It was also only the second time in the history of Doctor Who that an episode has had such high ratings. You can view the unofficial figures for Journey's End here!

9 Jul 2008

Calling The Doctor

Remember in The Stolen Earth when Torchwood, Sarah Jane, Harriot Jones, Rose and Martha were all trying to call the Doctor? And his personal phone number - 07700 900461 - was shown many times on the screen? Well, it wasn't just the Doctor's companions trying to call him - more than 2,500 fans tried the line, but all they were given was a dead dial tone. Here's what some of the fans had to say:

"Grrr - I phoned the Doctor's phone number but there was just an annoying network message."
"What's the point in showing a phone number if you're not gonna use it?!"
"They showed that number so many times, as if they were asking for it to be called."

8 Jul 2008

Totally Torchwood Poll

The question asked in the June poll was: "Which show from the Whoniverse is your favourite?". In a very close finish Doctor Who just beat Torchwood by 8 votes with 50%; Torchwood just behind on 46% and The Sarah Jane Adventures finished a miserable last with just 4%. The poll for July asks: "Which is your favourite episode from Doctor Who Season 4?". Choose wisely!

"Journey's End" AI Ratings

The Season finale of Doctor Who Season 4 - Journey's End - managed to equal the Appreciation Index given to previous episode, The Stolen Earth. Both received an AI of 91. You can read about the overnight ratings for Journey's End here!

Totally Torchwood Talk - New Smilies

Totally Torchwood Talk has been updated with some cute-as smilies! You can view some of them below. Click here to check them out!

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