24 Oct 2007

Episode 2: Day One

Caution: The following paragraphs contain **SPOILERS**

Episode 1.2 - Day One
Written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Brian Kelly

Gwen's first day at Torchwood sees Cardiff's nightlife at the mercy of an alien, who consumes its victims during orgasm, leaving behind dust. Due to an accidental blunder by Gwen, the alien is set loose into Cardiff, and then takes over the life of Carys. Torchwood then tracks the alien to a sperm bank, but too late for the patrons within. Gwen tricks it into leaving its host (Carys) and captures it within a portable cell, where it is stuck, and in turn dies, leaving but a pile of dust behind. Gwen kisses Jack as a thank-you, which leaves Jack very shocked.

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