23 Oct 2007

Episode 1: Everything Changes

Caution: The following paragraphs contain **SPOILERS**

Episode 1.1 - Everything Changes
Written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Brian Kelly

Everything Changes is the first episode of Season 1 of Torchwood. The episode starts off when Police Constable Gwen Cooper is at a murder scene, and she comes across the mysterious organization known as "Torchwood". While Gwen does her best to investigate their world, she finds technology and methods she never imagined. She is introduced to the team, but is then later Retconed (for those who are non-Torchwood savvy, this means that her memory was wiped). However, following a trail of clues left behind by herself, she comes across Suzie Costello, who betrays her Torchwood colleagues and shoots Jack in the head. Jack miraculously comes back to life, and Suzie then turns the gun on herself. Gwen then accepts Jack's offer at the now vacant spot at Torchwood.

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