11 Jan 2008

John Barrowman Book Signings

To promote his new autobiography (Anything Goes), John Barrowman will be doing some book signings! The confirmed dates are as follows:

  • Jan 24th – 11am signing at Waterstones, Birmingham High St
  • Feb 11th – 1pm signing at Waterstones, 421 Oxford St, London
  • Feb 11th – 6.45pm event at the National Theatre, London
  • Feb 12th – 1pm signing at Costco, Watford
  • Feb 13th – 1pm signing at British Bookshops, Brighton
  • Feb 13th - 5.30pm Borders Brighton
  • Feb 14th – 5.30pm signing at Waterstones, Bluewater Kent
  • Feb 15th - 1:00pm, at the WHS in Reading, 39 Broad Street
  • Feb 16th – 1pm signing at Borders Cardiff
Thanks to George at JohnBarrowman.net!


JB Fan said...

Dam why doesn't he comes to waterstones in Manchester

Anonymous said...

Here here. Please come to Manchester. You have many many fans in the North all waiting to meet you

mum of 3, Luton said...

my house would be a good place for a book signing!!

Miss Thing said...

Why doesn't anyone ever come closer than London to me, argh ... Ramsgate would be a good place for him to be doing a signing ....

pink panther said...

Love living in Cardiff, plenty of opportunities to see the lovely John Barrowman!

Anonymous said...

we have a Waterstones in Crawley, West Sussex too.. plus many pubs and coffee bars.. he would be more than welcome here :)

Linda xx

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