6 Mar 2008

John Barrowman's Medicine Cabinet

There was an article in the Mail on Sunday in which John Barrowman told viewers what was in his bathroom medicine cabinet:

1: I am such a hyper wired person I generally have trouble sleeping
so I use Nytol Herbal Tablets
2: When my voice is feeling tired I take a swig of Boots Glycerine
Honey and Lemon Linctus to lubricate my vocal chords so I don't end
up sounding raspy
3: As a singer I shouldn't say this as it can dry out your vocal
chords but I love the smell of Olbas Oil and often sneak a sniff of it
4: I use Focus Aquify eye drops, contact lens re-moisturizing eye
drops and I keep a bottle handy when I'm filming. Whitening eye
drops are not good for your eyes
5: I know Karvol is supposed to be for children but it can loosen up
a cough in a second
6:People often assume because my teeth are so white that they are
veneers, but they are all my own. Instead of a sonic screwdriver
like the Doctor I brush with a Colgate 360 Microsonic toothbrush
7: One product I swear by is Cetaphil Non-Irritating Cleanser. I'm
always being told I have great skin. I use this really cheap lotion
on my face every day. I don't believe in spending lots of money on
products, I'd rather save it and spend it on Botox
8: I also use Kiehls products if my skin gets dry, especially the
Kiehl's Creme de Corps
9: I have to shave every day for work and use a Gillette Mach 3 Turbo
10: Nivea For Men Sensitive shaving gel before splashing my face with
cold water
Thanks very much to bedsus from BARROWMANONLINE!

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