8 Aug 2008

End of Days

To all the Whovians, Woodies and everyone else who has visited this blog. After much debate, and many umms and errs, I have decided to close down Totally Torchwood. It was not an easy decision, and was not decided half-heartedly. I just find that my school work and free time is really suffering because of all the time I spend working on this blog. I truly am sorry to anyone who has ever - and still does - visit this blog, and that no more news will be posted up. I also found that due to living in opposite time zones to the UK, the news I posted up was always half a day later than most of the other sites that posted before me. So after 337 posts (this one included) it is time to finish off.

Before I go, though, a list of many thanks.

To Dijares, who first introduced me to my love of graphic design, and let me experience news posting first hand. She has helped me out a lot with all the little things for Totally Torchwood, and was always happy to answer my questions! Dijares is the wonderful webmistress of Harry Potter's Page - a site that WB regard very highly. If you're a Harry Potter fan, visit this site! It's great, and it also has a fun and friendly forum for everyone!

To my best friend Isa, who has helped me, supported me and given me advice in the behind-the-scenes of Totally Torchwood.

To Torchwood.tv; this was the blog that inspired me to start my own Torchwood website.

And now, some worthy websites to visit:

Torchwood Fan Club of Australia! We're really trying to increase Aussie Torchwood pride! This website is the largest Aussie Torchwood website and has also has a great forum.

Tardis and Torchwood Treasures, Tardis Base and Doctor Who Hideout - I find - are very fast in posting news, thanks to their respective owners, Mark, Zobles and Axlart.

To Duan, who very generously supplied me with many links to the most obscure and yet relevant articles!

And finally to my readers. To all who have ever read a post, posted a comment, had a chat in the Cbox, voted in the poll - or just visited! Thanks!

But I'm not finished yet!

As many you do (or don't) know, I make the monthly desktop calendars for Harry Potter's Page, and I also try to post news when I can. I'll still be working at HPP, so you can look out for the occasional post or you can check back at the start of every month for a new calendar! Here's a small hint! September's calendar will feature one of the Weasley children!

That's it!

Goodbye and thanks for visiting!


Zobles said...

What a great blog, your fantastic. This site was always the first site id go to for Torchwood. It was brilliant, hope you enjoy ur free time now, and thanks for the site recommendation, I really appreciate it. Thanks and Goodbye! :D Bye

TOCS said...

Sad to hear you've closed, but well done with maintaining the site :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This was an absolute Brilliant site. Well done for making it so fantastic. It's sad to see it go but on the other hand its great that it existed. Have fun with your free time

Brad said...

Sorry to hear you're closing but unfortunately all good things must come to an end. I would recommend this site to any Torchwood fan. This site was brilliant and you did an excellent job with it.

Axlart said...

Sorry to hear that you are closing Crmhpfan. You have done such a fantastic job on this site. I wish you luck for the future Crmhpfan and thank you for the site recommendation, means a lot to me :).

Mark said...

Hiya, it's sad to hear you're closing. I'd like to thank you for all the hard effort you've put into this site it has been and still is fantastic. Thanks for the recommendation too, like Ax it also means a lot to me :) Hope we'll keep in contact.

mary said...

Thank you for the work you did on this blog. You are fantastic! I posted a quick thank you on my own blog, too. http://scififty.com/blog2/2008/08/goodbye.html

You will be missed!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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