25 Nov 2007

Chris Chibnall Interview

Chris Chibnall has given an exclusive interview with SFX Magazines, regarding the fast-approaching second series of Torchwood. Chibnall says: "More fun, more adventure, more warmth, more romance, more excitement. We've plussed everything!". And on the subject of Jack, he says: "We learn a lot about Jack, about all aspects of his life - more about the time agency, more about where Jack comes from. And he has [romantic] entanglements this year. I wish I could tell you who with, but you'll have to wait and see!" Chibnall confirms that Billis Manger, the nasty villain from episodes 12 and 13, won't be returning to the second series, but may do so in the future.


Enya said...

Dear Chelsea, I like the layout. And I think you have too many of the same picture. I also criticise one more thing. At the top it says "Node". Shouldn't it be "Code?' WhaT? Oh, Okay. Overall, still a great website. Your sincerely, Enya.

crmhpfan said...

Hi "Enya". Code would probably make more sense, but it is from the Torchwood Intranet, so if yoy have any problems, contact Cpt. Jack. LOL. Thanks for your thought.

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