30 Jul 2008

Comic Con Review

Elizabeth has very kindly let us post her review from the San Diego Comic Con. You can read it below.

Today, while I was at the table, Gavin told me I should email you all about my experiences and I said I would. Arrived on Wednesday with my son and daughter and picked up our badges and went through the preview night to acquaint ourselves with the layout. I decided to buy my autograph tickets for John then so would have everything ready for the next morning. Now this is my first time at CC and would never think of dressing up especially at my age 46 but something happened days before CC that changed that attitude. I was with some friends who like to visit antique and thrift shops and even though I am not much of a shopper, I did find something interesting. A thrift shop had a display with some military style coats which I briefly glanced at and hidden in the back was a blue wool great coat. I had to have it and it was a bargain at $25. I now had three days to turn it into a Captain Jack coat. My niece who is a studio costumer put on the stripes and I changed the buttons and it turned out fantastic. So here I was going to Comic Con as Captain Jack.
First thing on Thursday I decided to go to the merchandising table where John was signing to get my picture and book signed. This was still early in the process so they were following the rules carefully like no personalization and no posed pictures with John. So it was very quick and no nervousness on my part. I think I freaked him out a little with the coat. Another reason I wore the coat was to get the attention of other group members. I only met up with one other member - Valerie. It was very nice to meet you and spend a little time with you, Valerie.
Anyway, I went to the Doctor Who panel with Julie Gardner and Steven Moffat who were fantastic. It was in a big ballroom and the place was packed. Right after was the Torchwood panel with Julie, John, Gareth and Noako. John made a terrific entrance (which you can see on YouTube) and introduced his mum and dad, Carole, Clare and Scott who were in the audience. It was a very entertaining hour which went by to fast. I spent the rest of the day going here and there to different panels. Occasionally going back to John's merchandising table trying not to look like a stalker in the coat but really seeing if I could find other online members.
On Friday (without coat) I decided to get my CD signed so went to the table to buy a ticket and was happy it wasn't crowded but also sad he wasn't drawing a big crowd. I was wearing two buttons - one stating I was a Johnette and one of John from the Paul O'Grady show (thanks Angela for screencaps). Gavin spotted them and asked where the picture was from and I told him and John looked and confirmed it was indeed from PO show and then he read other button and I told him I was part of this group and that was when Gavin said I should write about Comic Con. I must say it is very easy to chat with John because you feel like you know him so well, it is like talking to an old friend. He makes you feel comfortable. I was very happy that they were allowing photos with no flash so I did get a picture with him. I will put pictures on later when I get home. I had to run to the Spaced panel with Simon Pegg so couldn't stay very long with him but I did go back later in the day and thanked him for coming to Comic Con. I was in such a hurry that I didn't see my CD he signed until later and was excited to see that he must have read my name off my badge because it said Elizabeth Love You J Barrowman.
It was a terrific two days and I am finally coming down from all the excitement. Thanks for hearing my story.
Thanks very much to Elizabeth from BARROWMANONLINE!

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Chris said...

Great site about a great show. I am glad to know about this blog and will be back!

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